Mecagenius – en

Mecagenius a serious game in mechanical engineering field

Mecagenius is a serious game in the industrial sector: mechanical engineering.
MECAGENIUS is an on line multiplayer learning game, targeting students following mechanical engineering courses.
The aim is to make students:

  • discover a virtual machining workshop.
  • get new skills on NC machine tool
  • optimize a production
  • learn to manage a virtual manufacturing project

Born in Champollion University, this project is supported since 2009 by french economic Ministry and by World competitiveness cluster in Aeronautics, Space and Embbeded systems of Midi-Pyrenees – Aquitaine Aerospacevalley.

We collaborate with 4 research laboratories and the company KTM ADVANCE :

  • KTM Advance, a French leader company specialized in e-learning and serious game is the industrial partner of this project.
  • Clément Ader Institute (Mechanical engineering laboratory)
  • L’Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (laboratory of informatics).
  • L’Unité Mixte de Recherche ‘Education Formation Travail et Savoir’ (laboratory of didactics).
  • Ecole de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal

Multiplayers, Mecagenius will be published in 2012 by Champollion University and KTM Advance with the collaboration of the Serious Game Research Lab of Champollion University (SGRL), a mechanical engineering laboratory of Toulouse University (Institut Clement Ader), a computer science laboratory of Toulouse (IRIT) and a didactic laboratory of Toulouse (UMR EFTS).
Its educational purpose is to train students in mechanical engineering and particularly the optimization of production using digitally controlled machine tools, by reproducing the universe of the mechanical engineering industry.
The game universe is situated in a relatively distant future. The human race has left the planet Earth to live elsewhere in space. Many mother ships scour the Galaxy for planets which can be “terra-formed,” to serve as suitable habitats for human settlement. The player takes the role of an apprentice engineer whose spacecraft is marooned on an unknown planet. The player’s mission is to repair the hovercraft that will allow him/her to travel around the planet. To do so, the player is confronted with a number of missions leading to several mini-games to earn equipment or materials to manufacture parts to repair the craft.