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Attention, certaines photographies peuvent choquer les personnes les plus sensibles.

Vie juive en Ukraine avant la Shoah

1935. Portraits de jeunes juifs à Orinin, Ukraine


1942. Group portrait of five Jewish women and a Jewish man, wearing Dutch Star of David badges inscribed with the word « Jood ».


Vie dans les ghettos et pogrom


1943. A painting by artist Sophia Kalski depicting Lwow in the winter of 1943. The artist writes « I walk round and round all alone in the streets and I don’t know–should I go left or right… »


1941. Bystanders watch Jews as they are rounded up and attacked on a street in Lvov.


Einsatzgruppen et Shoah par balles


1941-1943. German soldiers of the Waffen-SS and the Reich Labor Service look on as a member of an Einsatzgruppe prepares to shoot a Ukrainian Jew kneeling on the edge of a mass grave filled with corpses.